What is PAD – Peripheral Artery Disease?

PAD - Peripheral Artery Disease is the narrowing of peripheral arteries due to atherosclerosis (plaque buildup on arterial walls) decreasing blood flow to legs, feet, and toes.  Left untreated, PAD complications include critical limb ischemia, gangrene, and amputation.

Risk factors that greatly increase the likelihood of developing PAD - Peripheral Artery Disease are increasing age, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and Diabetes.

PAD Stories

“As a provider I use Modern Vascular for all my complex cases. The results have been outstanding! Not only that, I have had many patients come back to me raving about what a good experience they had with the Modern Vascular staff and physicians. They have helped to salvage many cases of potential amputations and I will continue to refer patients there as I trust Dr. Chun and his staff.”

– Dr. Cameron Phipps, Fairfax, VA

“I refer my patients to Modern Vascular and have been very impressed with the prompt and thorough evaluation and care they have received. I am thankful to have a facility like Modern Vascular in town with doctors that care about the feet of patients as much as I do.”

– Dr. Carrie Hess,  Tuscon, AZ

“The staff is friendly and professional. Perhaps the only vascular clinic in town which is opening up smaller vessels in the feet. There is hardly any wait time. Overall excellent service.

–  Dr. Vijayveer Pamar,  San Antonio TX

Why Modern Vascular?

The Modern Vascular Difference
Modern Vascular is the only nationwide leader with state-of-the-art technology and expertise to restore blood flow to lower limb extremities affected by Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), down to the toe.  Left untreated, PAD can result in worsening symptoms and eventually even limb loss (amputation).  However, HALF of amputations are preventable.

Our leading physicians, techniques, equipment, facilities, staff, and focused specialization make us the best and most experienced option to treat you if you are experiencing the symptoms of PAD now or are high risk to experience them in the future.

Modern Vascular’s specialized approach to comprehensively evaluating, diagnosing, and treating PAD can save your toes, feet, legs and life. In many cases avoiding amputation or worse while recovering at home after a safe and successful outpatient surgical procedure.

PAD - Peripheral Artery Disease Specialists
PAD affects over 12 million Americans – more than all types of cancer combined. 
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March 2, 2020

Modern Vascular Brings New Treatment Options for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) to Denver Residents with the Opening of Its Newest Facility

Modern Vascular today announced the growth of its national footprint with the opening of a new facility in Thornton, CO, bringing its treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) to Denver area residents.  The facility is now open for business and scheduling outpatient procedures.  

-February 10, 2020

Modern Vascular Appoints Two Key Executives to Lead the Group’s Expanding National Clinical Operations

Modern Vascular today announced the appointment of two key executives to lead the group’s clinical operations, effective immediately. Dr. Scott Brannan will serve as Chief of Endovascular Surgery, and Dr. Nikhil Patel as Chief Medical Officer. 
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