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PAD is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your legs. When you develop this disease, your legs don’t receive enough blood flow to keep up with demand, leading to pain, cramps, numbness, cold feet, wounds that don’t heal, and easy fatigue in the legs and feet.

If you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms visit our Modern Vascular office in Glendale. Dr. Patel, Chief Medical Officer, and his staff will conduct a thorough and painless evaluation. If an ultrasound reveals an arterial blockage or blood flow reduction, you may be recommended for a non-evasive outpatient treatment. Schedule your consultation today

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Meet the Doctor
Dr. Nikhil Patel
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nikhil Patel, Chief Medical Officer for Modern Vascular. Dr. Patel brings over 17 years of clinical, Interventional and leadership expertise. Dr. Patel is an author of the book Interventional Radiology Secrets and a co-founder of NANA Trust which provides free Vascular care to the under-served in Bangalore, India. As CMO, Dr. Patel develops clinical best practices, and performs a leading role in QA, clinical training and continuing education.

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80% of Modern Vascular patients would be “highly likely” to recommend our clinics to others. *

I am a foot and ankle surgeon in the Avondale / Goodyear area. I have been referring patients to Modern Vascular for the last few years. There is literally nobody in the metro area that I value higher when it comes to the technology and expertise of treating my patients who have peripheral arterial disease. I have been surprised at their ability to find disease where in years past I would have not appreciated that disease due to the provider and staff's access to technology and their clinical diagnostic capabilities."

Randall B, Glendale
Google Review

"I was in desperate need of help - had resorted to using a wheelchair in order to go to the grocery store or anywhere that would require a lot of walking. Going from a long distance runner (3 to 10 miles/day) to almost entirely sedentary in a period of 2 years (and gaining 60 pounds in the process!!!) had me feeling depressed and all but hopeless. My ortho-podiatrist (Melissa Galli at CORE Institute - look her up, she's GREAT!) referred me to Modern Vascular. In spite of my excellent blood flow, the team at MV recommended I have angiograms on both femoral arteries. They found blockages on both sides - most notably on the left side where I have a HUGE blockage (several inches!). Dr. Patel and the brilliant surgical team did angioplasty in both arteries in several places. They opened up alternative arteries to take up the slack, and just 4 days later, I'm doing MUCH BETTER! Additionally (and maybe just as importantly), the people could not be more wonderful. They are professional and yet profoundly warm, compassionate and generous - so untypical for a medical practice these days! I simply cannot recommend highly enough the marvelous people and practice at Modern Vascular. Thank you, Dr. Patel, Domenika, Nick, Tammy and all others whose names escape me, and I'm so sorry because you are all SO WONDERFUL!!!

Jeanmarie B, Glendale
Google Review

"I was very satisfied with the company and the people, and I would recommend them to anybody. They're really good people, really knowledgeable, they know they're stuff! And they're good about talking to you about their findings."

Abby, Glendale, AZ
Patient Interview

* Based on November 2020 anonymous quantitative survey of 250 Modern Vascular patients who were treated for PAD in our clinics in 2020.

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