Modern Vascular Core Values

Our Mission
motivates our focus.

To eradicate lower leg and foot amputation in the general public and specifically among the poor and underserved.

Our Core Higher Purpose
fuels our passion.

To return patients to their homes and families, the same day and in better health, through cutting-edge, innovative, and minimally-invasive vascular procedures.

Modern Vascular's Commitment & Focus

Modern Vascular is defined by its commitment to extraordinary health care. Treating our patients’ vascular disease, saving their limbs from amputation, implementing cutting-edge innovations, and creating unique patient experience are at the foundation of our work. Ultimately, each of us believes that every single patient deserves to be treated as a member of our own family.

Our physicians and focused specialization make us the best option to treat you if you are experiencing PAD symptoms or are high risk to experience them in the future.

Our Core Values

  • GSD; Get "Stuff" Done

    Focus, organize, and solve problems quickly.

  • Competence

    Confidently create and deliver high-impact outcomes.

  • Perpetual Professionalism

    Deliver no-drama performance at all times.

  • Speed and Adaptability

    Think quickly on your feet and make adjustments rapidly to improve outcomes and results.

  • Loyalty and Trust

    To the company and each other at all times.

Owner, founders, and partners

Modern Vascular's Origins & Leadership

The spirit of Modern Vascular began in the early 2000s, when a young healthcare professional and entrepreneur, Yury Gampel, organized a group of like-minded partners to create and build businesses under the motto: “a successful business is the business of excellence”.

Each member of this group has been making their own unique contributions to this business team resulting in Modern Vascular's inception in Arizona in 2017. Yury Gampel, CEO of Modern Vascular, brings endless energy and boundless vision. Ernest Tepman and Mark Rabinovich are the organizing force. Tim Murphy and Steve Springborn are the heart and compassion of the organization. The result is the corporate culture which rewards competence, energy, enthusiasm, talent, and compassion in every employee.

Dr. Steve Berkowitz, Chief Medical Officer

The clinical operations at Modern Vascular are led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steve Berkowitz. Dr. Berkowitz comes to Modern Vascular from Banner Health in Phoenix, Arizona, where he served as the organization's Medical Director of Specialty Performance Improvement. Prior to that position, he was the Chief Physician Executive and medical group president for Northern Light Health, a nine-hospital system in Maine. He's also held the title of Chief Medical Officer at St. David's Healthcare, a six-hospital system in Austin, Texas and at the Central and West Texas Division of HCA, which was awarded the Texas Award for Performance Excellence and the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award.

"I am thrilled to join the Modern Vascular team," Dr. Berkowitz said. "The organization is dedicated to saving patients from the unnecessary risk and cost associated with amputations. I have seen the work that is being done in their clinics and am convinced their treatments represent the gold-standard for PAD care.”

Read the announcement about the new CMO at Modern Vascular on BioSpace.

Chief Medical Office Steve Berkowitz
Chief Executive Office Yury Gampel

Yury Gampel, Board Chairman

The Founder and Board Chairman of Modern Vascular is Yury Gampel. He is a licensed chiropractor, receiving his Chiropractic Degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences, College of Chiropractic. Prior to starting Modern Vascular, Yury had experience managing and owning healthcare businesses. He is proud to be the leader of Modern Vascular, a national leader with the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to help patients through the use of interventional radiology techniques.

"At Modern Vascular, we believe that the health of our patients is foundational. Our business model is built to incorporate the best aspects of both models of healthcare to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes. We see that financial success does not result from cutting corners; it comes only as a result of sustained investment into quality of care”

Learn more about Yury Gampel.

Physicians & Focused Specialization

Our physicians and focused specialization make us the best option to treat you if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of peripheral artery disease or are exhibiting any of the risk factors that cause concern that you may experience them in the future. Dr. Steve Berkowitz is board-certified in internal medicine and oversees Modern Vascular's panel of health care providers, which includes Interventional Surgeons, Interventional Cardiologists, and Vascular Surgeons. His focus is on improving the already best-in-class standards at Modern Vascular clinics and how they are implemented as the company continues to expand.

Modern Vascular Vascular Physicians
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