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What is Modern Vascular?

Modern Vascular is a pioneering medical group comprised of 14 outpatient endovascular clinics located in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Kansas. Our clinical teams are committed to preventing unnecessary amputations for patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Who cares for patients at a Modern Vascular clinic?

Modern Vascular’s clinical talent includes fellowship-trained and board-certified Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, and Interventional Cardiologists who are uniquely trained to perform minimally invasive revascularization. Our doctors and clinical staff are dedicated to amputation prevention and committed to providing a full range of medical management and revascularization services for patients with PAD. Modern Vascular’s clinicians focus on bringing access to vascular care to underserved communities while avoiding unnecessary procedures.

What is minimally invasive revascularization?

Minimally invasive revascularization is an outpatient procedure that penetrates deep into the small arteries of the foot to create blood flow all the way to the toe. By restoring blood flow, these procedures reduce pain and discomfort, improve quality of life, permit quicker healing of infections, wounds, ulcers, and lesions, and ultimately eliminate the need for unnecessary amputations. Unlike more invasive treatments, Modern Vascular’s procedures allow patients to return to their homes and families the same day. Our physicians are specially trained for many months in these specific procedures beyond the normal medical education they receive. You can learn more about our doctors and this groundbreaking treatment in this recent NPR interview with Dr. Chun of our Virginia clinic.

Does Modern Vascular perform surgery?

No. Procedures are minimally invasive and performed in our outpatient vascular clinics, which means no general anesthesia and no surgery. This is particularly important given the typical age and health status of patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Does Modern Vascular avoid unnecessary procedures?

Modern Vascular recommends revascularization procedures only when such procedures are indicated. Patients with unrelated conditions are screened out. We also monitor patients who can benefit from medical management and walking programs.  Overall, less than 50% of patients seen in a Modern Vascular clinic are recommended for a vascular intervention.

Why do some vascular surgeons recommend more invasive procedures?

Unfortunately, many patients are encouraged to undergo an invasive endovascular surgery requiring hospitalization, and even unnecessary amputations — a high-risk and life-altering surgery. This is the old way of doing things and some doctors resist disruptive and innovative technology, even if it’s better for patients. Whether this resistance is motivated by a financial interest (after all, the cost of hospitalization for vascular surgery is five times higher than the cost of procedures of Modern Vascular), or by a good-faith belief that the old ways are better, it is severely damaging to patient populations, especially among underserved groups. The 2021 policy statement of American Heart Association calls racial disparities “dramatic.” For example, there is a four-fold difference in amputation risk for Black Americans as compared to other racial/ethnic groups. Modern Vascular’s work is premised on the unyielding belief that patients are more important than profit. By managing our patients’ disease, avoiding unnecessary procedures, and preventing unnecessary amputations, we improve the lives of our patients.

What do former patients think of Modern Vascular?

Modern Vascular’s average Google review rating is 4.8. Patients are thrilled with the care they receive at our clinics.

Who owns and manages Modern Vascular?

Modern Vascular is a private holding with a large number of investors: healthcare entrepreneurs, experienced business executives, and healthcare professionals. The underlying philosophy of this investment group is that true financial success can come only as a function of exquisite health care. Investors focus on assuring Modern Vascular facilities are outfitted with best equipment, medical tools, and staff available in the marketplace. Administrative personnel works on making sure every potential patient is called, seen, and taken care of, especially among the disadvantaged populations such as Native Americans and African Americans. All decisions relating to the actual care are left to our skillful and superbly trained clinical personnel.

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