We have all been rocked by the recent attacks of the Ukraine and our hearts break for the citizens who are now without homes, safety, food, and clothes. 

Modern Vascular’s CEO, Yury Gampel and his wife, Irene, were born in the Ukraine and are now leading humanitarian efforts to provide relief to the people most affected.

They have spent every waking hour networking and setting up trusted logistics on the ground in West Ukraine where they have secured a school to be used to house refugees and provide temporary food, shelter, and medical care.  Trucks have been secured to bring supplies in from Hungary. Yury and Irene are planning to fly into the region to help facilitate.  It is a very personal humanitarian effort for them and we are proud that Modern Vascular and the Embrace Foundation are also providing resources and support.

We are pleased to report that our efforts to provide food, water, shelter, and medical supplies to Ukrainian refugees are already in action. Supplies are purchased and delivered daily. We are currently housing 60 Ukrainians and their pets and have another 130+ confirmed on the way.

If you would like to show your support for these efforts to provide basic care for the Ukrainian people we have set up a where you can contribute.  Modern Vascular owners and leadership are already contributing and we are hopeful, that as partners and humanitarians, you will choose to join the efforts as well.

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