How to Choose the Right PAD Specialist with Dr. Jack Hannallah from Modern Vascular in Tucson, Arizona

In this video, Dr. Jack Hannallah, the managing physician for Modern Vascular in Tucson, Arizona discusses what patients should look for in the physician they choose for their treatment.

Kym McNicholas: What would you suggest in helping a patient choose the right vascular specialist for them? Based on their protocols and what they do during an intervention.

Dr. Jack Hannallah: Yeah, I think that’s a great question. I think first and foremost you have got to be comfortable with your provider, doctor, surgeon, or interventionist. I think that’s very important and I think that already marks the success of the intervention, to begin with. I think if you’re comfortable and you feel like that person has been able to explain the procedure to you in a way that you can understand, that’s very valuable.

Every patient that I see, we talk before the procedure and I usually draw on the whiteboard. You can see my whiteboard behind me. Every pre-operative day I have a whiteboard and I draw the arteries. I say, “Listen, I looked at your ultrasound. These are your symptoms. This is my plan. This is what I’m thinking that we are going to do.” I just make sure that all of their questions are answered. I think that’s important.

For me, it’s important that the patient feels involved in the care as well. I want them to ask those questions. It’s always reassuring when a patient really is involved and wants to know about the balloon, what device I’m going to use, or how it works. I think that excites them more because I know they have done their research and they know why they’re here and what they’re up against.

Posted on February 23, 2021

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