“I Am Able to Be A Little More Active Than I was Before”

Watch this patient testimonial from one of our patients at Modern Vascular in Houston discussing her experience with a Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) procedure. After a year of pain, difficulty taking the stairs, and trouble sleeping, she found relief after treatment at Modern Vascular. ” I was unable to descend the stairs without taking one foot at a time and putting it next to the other for probably a year. I’m now able to do that with no effort whatsoever. I would have difficulty sleeping because it wouldn’t matter if I was on my back, my side, or my tummy, it would still hurt. That’s gone away. Something as simple as getting on and off the toilet was a challenge and that’s gone. I’m able to do that. I am able to be a little more active than I was before. I’m going to say that the pain is a good 90% better and I expect it to get better over the next few months. The GAE procedure prep was pretty easy, getting the IV and then going in for the procedure.” We’re grateful for our patients for taking the time to review our facility, physicians team and for trusting us with their care!

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