“I’m Ready to Live My Life Again”

Here’s a patient from Modern Vascular in Glendale led by Dr. Anthony C. Pozun. She shares her PAD story stating “I have a whole new lease on life now that I went to Modern Vascular” detailing her journey in managing the symptoms that limited her ability to walk. She recommends that people living with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) not doubt themselves in seeking treatment as it made it so that she’s ready to live her life again. We’re grateful to our patients for taking the time to review our facility, and physician’s team and for trusting us with their care! Did you know cold feet, foot sores, foot wounds that don’t heal, and cramps are all signs of poor blood circulation to your lower limbs? Don’t ignore the signs! PAD symptoms are often treatable, but early detection is important. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have PAD. Call 1(833) 4PAD-HELP or (833) 473-3435 to speak to a patient advocate.

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