“I walked out of here and have been walking ever since.”

Watch this patient testimonial from one of our patients at Modern Vascular of Southaven discussing his experience and how he’s able to walk more and he’s about to start back working again. Mr. Morgan was about to retire because he was in so much pain. He couldn’t walk and it was affecting his work. His feet would start to hurt before he could walk a block.

He went to a different foot doctor and was referred to Modern Vascular. Willie had minimally invasive endovascular procedures done to both of his legs to remove plaque from his arteries. Mr. Morgan walked out of Modern Vascular and started working again. His job calls for a good amount of walking and now he feels great.

“My name is Willy Morgan and I’m here at Modern Vascular. They did a procedure on me because I was about to give up on life and retire for good. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t work.

I couldn’t walk nowhere. I couldn’t walk a block without my feet hurting so bad.

I changed foot doctors and they sent me here. They did the procedures on both of my legs. Got the plaque out of my legs, from my knee to my toe. I walked out of here, and I have been walking ever since. I even started back to working and started another business. It calls for a whole lot of walking and I feel great. If this can help anybody, I pray that you come and let them check you out.”