Modern Vascular Denver Patient Testimonial

Wendy Rubiano

Patricia is a patient of Dr. Sobolevsky managing physician at Modern Vascular in Denver that specializes on Peripheral Artery Disease.
She was referred to him by her Podiatrist, that had been treating her for years, for neuropathy pain.
The pain was exacerbated at night when she would sit in a recliner and elevate her legs.
Patricia had severe pain in her toes and it would keep her up at night.
After the procedure where they restored the circulation to her foot her issues were resolved right away.
Patricia has no pain anymore and she is very pleased with her procedure.
Modern Vascular’s specialized approach to comprehensively evaluating, diagnosing, and treating PAD can save your toes, feet, legs and life.
In many cases avoiding amputation or worse while recovering at home after a safe and successful outpatient surgical procedure.

Choose Modern Vascular because we are PAD specialists. This is what we do, it is our purpose.
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