Kurt Had Procedures Performed on Both Legs. Hear His Story.

This patient highly recommends Modern Vascular. Kurt Greenwood visited Modern Vascular in Fort Worth, TX. His knees, feet, and ankles have swelling and pain. He was desperate for any kind of improvement.

Other doctors would just prescribe him pain pills, but they only offered temporary relief. Kurt came in for the angiogram and had a procedure on his left leg. Then, he had the procedure done on his right leg two weeks later.

After having the procedure on his left foot he visited his primary care physician. The doctor took the pulse in both of his feet. He noticed that the pulse in the left foot was three times greater in the left foot than the right foot. Kurt told the doctor that he had a procedure done with Modern Vascular. The doctor was amazed because he recommends patients to Modern Vascular, but was unaware of how severe Kurt’s condition was.

Kurt went back and had the procedure done on his right leg as well. He said this of Dr. Wande Pratt, “Dr. Pratt has been very informative and helpful. He did both of the procedures. He is just a personable, compassionate, and delightful gentleman.”

Peripheral Artery Disease can be effectively treated when diagnosed early and properly.

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