Who Should Be Referred to Modern Vascular?

Board Certified Vascular Surgeon Juan Carlos Correa talks about who should be referred to Modern Vascular. Patients with diabetes, a history of smoking, hypertension, or high cholesterol are at the highest risk for peripheral arterial disease. If patients are complaining that their legs hurt when they walk or their legs aren’t working as well as they have, they would be a good candidate for a referral.

Patients that are referred to use with these risk factors or symptoms will have pulse examination performed. If a pulse can’t be found in a patient’s foot then they should be screened for peripheral arterial disease.

Wounds on the feet can indicate that a patient has peripheral artery disease. Typically, wounds on the legs or feet can heal with proper blood flow. However, if blood flow to the wound is restricted, it can prevent the wound from healing.

Modern Vascular emphasizes the team approach to treating these patients. We help educate the patients and provide educational materials to our referring doctors to distribute to their patients. These materials explain what peripheral arterial disease is, how the patient got it, and what they can do about it. Also, there are tools like the walking program booklet and screening tool assessments.

Peripheral Artery Disease can be effectively treated when diagnosed early and properly.

You can schedule a comprehensive evaluation for peripheral artery disease at a Modern Vascular clinic if you believe that you are at risk or to put your mind at ease.

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