“To Save a Foot or a Leg, It’s Well Worth It”

Ronald Fountain was a patient at Modern Vascular in St. Louis, MO. The clinic is led by the managing physician Dr. Wande Pratt. Watch as he shares his PAD story and experience with Modern Vascular. Ronald was referred to a vascular surgeon at Modern Vascular by his Podiatrist. When he came to Modern Vascular his calves were so sore that he could barely walk from his car through the parking lot to the store. After he received the treatment he said that there was no recovery time. Initially, there was a little pain in his feet, but he’s now able to move around where he wants. Feeling grateful, he says “I felt like I was coming to this doctor forever, Dr. Pratt… there’s no finer person on this earth, let me tell you. I could almost cry because I like the man that much.” Along with the reduction of his pain, he also celebrates weight loss due to his ability to move around more.

Know the signs of PAD. Sores or wounds on your feet, cramping in your feet or legs, and legs or feet that are cold are some of the symptoms of peripheral artery disease. It is a good idea to understand what PAD is, how it presents, and what you can do about it. Early detection and treatment are important! If you think that you could have PAD you should reach out to your doctor or call +1 (833) 4PADHELP.