The Importance of Treating PAD Early with Dr. Pratt from Modern Vascular in St. Louis, MO

Dr. Pratt has practiced vascular and endovascular surgery for 6 years. He is the managing physician for Modern Vascular in St. Louis, MO. Peripheral artery disease is the hardening, blockage, or narrowing of the arteries in the body. The symptoms of PAD can often be overlooked because patients may not necessarily know what those symptoms are.

PAD can begin as minor symptoms that patients may experience while walking or exercising. Over time those symptoms can progress and patients can develop pain at rest or pain when they are sleeping. In the worst cases, patients can develop ulcers or even gangrene. Those may end up requiring minor or major amputation.

If the patient has any pain in their legs, calves, or feet, they should seek consultation and evaluation from a PAD specialist. When a patient comes to see us at Modern Vascular, our evaluation begins with an assessment of their risk factors and a discussion about the symptoms that they are experiencing. Most patients can manage their symptoms with lifestyle modification and a supervised walking or exercise program. They may also be prescribed medications to reduce their risk of developing progressive PAD.

If a patient has a procedure done at one of our facilities it is very important that we have a follow-up. The first step begins with a phone call the following day where we discuss the symptoms, make sure that you do not have any new symptoms, and make sure that you have picked up any medications that were prescribed. We always like to see our patients in an early timeframe – usually within two weeks. Peripheral artery disease is a serious and life-threatening disease. It is easy to treat and manage when detected early. Schedule a Modern Vascular evaluation today.

Peripheral Artery Disease can be effectively treated when diagnosed early and properly.

You can schedule a comprehensive evaluation for peripheral artery disease at a Modern Vascular clinic if you believe that you are at risk or to put your mind at ease.

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