Modern Vascular Procedures Change Lives – Dr. Broadway

Dr. Broadway talks about the time when a veteran came to him that said he couldn’t feel his feet for more than 20 years. On pre-evaluation we noticed that he had a disease in his tibia vessels. At his two-week follow-up the patient told the doctor that he finally went bike riding with his friends.

Modern Vascular Peripheral Arterial Disease Procedures Change Lives

Left untreated, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) can result in the development of foot ulcers, non-healing sores, and areas of nerve damage that eventually become dead tissue due to restricted blood flow.

Our mission is to advance regular comprehensive evaluation, early diagnosis, and successful treatment of PAD. Our leading physicians, techniques, equipment, facilities, staff, and focused specialization make us the best and most experienced option to treat you if you are experiencing the symptoms of PAD – Peripheral Artery Disease now or are high risk to experience them in the future.

Peripheral Artery Disease can be effectively treated when diagnosed early and properly.

You can schedule a comprehensive evaluation for peripheral artery disease at a Modern Vascular clinic if you believe that you are at risk or to put your mind at ease.

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