Welcome to Modern Vascular in Houston, TX

Dr. Zagum Bhatti, the managing physician and vascular and interventional radiologist at Modern Vascular in Houston, TX welcomes you to our clinic in Richmond, TX.

Dr. Bhatti specializes in the treatment of vascular disorders, including peripheral artery disease. The goal at Modern Vascular is to help patients that are experiencing this debilitating disease feel better and avoid amputation.

At Modern Vascular, the primary concerns on procedure day are that the patient is comfortable, they understand what is going to take place, and that the procedure is successful.

Patients should arrive about an hour earlier than their scheduled procedure time. The patient will be taken to the pre-procedure area where a nurse will start an IV sedative for the procedure. We will discuss the risk, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure and the doctor will answer any additional questions that the patient may have.

The procedure usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. After your procedure, the patient will be taken to the holding area where they are monitored by a team of nurses. Most patients will take about an hour to recover during this point in the process before they are able to go home. 

Patients can expect some mild discomfort and potentially some foot or leg swelling after a procedure. The discomfort and swelling are typically self-limited, meaning that they should go away within a few days.