What We Do Here at Modern Vascular – Dr. Sobolevsky


What we do at Modern Vascular

Doctor Sergei Sobolevsky, the managing physician at Modern Vascular in Denver, Colorado has practiced various aspects of Endovascular minimally invasive medicine for 15 years. His focus is exclusively on the management of Peripheral Arterial Disease in the lower extremities.

Modern Vascular specializes in the most advanced, most contemporary endovascular methods of management of Peripheral Arterial Disease.
Patients who come to us often have severe pain, they can not walk, they can not sleep because of cramps, they can not feel their feet.
Often patients come to us with ulcers in their feet, that haven’t healed for months and even years.

So if you have been told that you might have arterial insufficiency or if pain or unhealing ulcers call us, and we will see you.

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