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The Importance of APPs in Amputation Prevention

A Conversation with John Scallions, NP, Modern Vascular in Southaven

Modern Vascular’s mission is focused on Amputation Prevention year-round, we work towards the eradication of lower leg and foot amputation in the general public and specifically among under-resourced and underserved communities. In observance of Limb Loss and Amputation Awareness Month, this April we’re celebrating the Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), otherwise known as Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, who are integral to saving the limbs and lives of patients every day.

John Scallions, MSN, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner at one of our busiest clinics in the Mississippi Delta Area, Modern Vascular in Southaven, discusses his role in amputation prevention.

What is the role of the APP at Modern Vascular?

John: “We touch every soul that walks through the doors of Modern Vascular. We perform the initial assessments, gathering medical history on these patients and performing our examinations on the patients in order to see if they have any significant PAD that could lead to amputations in the future.

Many of our patients actually come into the clinic and aren’t aware that the symptoms they’re having are actual PAD symptoms. I find that patients feel it is their norm to be having the pains they’re having in their lower extremities.

How are you involved in patient education?

John: “When we start teaching them about the symptoms of PAD and critical limb ischemia. This light bulb goes off in their head and they’re like, gosh, I’ve been having this for so long, and it’s been ignored. They’ve been told that it’s just normal aging or that it is arthritis. And then when we actually get in and investigate, we find issues that need to be taken care of immediately and can intervene and hopefully set these people on a path that veers them away from amputation.

We work closely with the patient’s primary care providers, we give suggestions and examinations on medication needs, exercise needs, and diet changes. So the APP role is multifaceted. We have to help guide them in the right direction from dietary, smoking cessation, or taking their medications as prescribed.”

Why is amputation prevention important to you?

John: “Amputation prevention is the number one goal I have. Once you start to see the first amputation, it seems that will snowball into future amputations. And these patients usually do not do well. I want them to keep both legs and their toes. As we know, one amputation usually leads to several and this increases their morbidity. It would be a disservice for me not to do everything that I could and perform every diagnostic tool assessment that I can. Our APPS all have the integrity and the compassion to truly be advocates for our patients.”

Modern Vascular in Southaven is top-rated for their consults and general patient experiences in the company in part due to how thorough John is with his patient education and advocacy.

To learn more about the non-invasive vascular solutions that Modern Vascular offers or to find answers to your PAD-related problems, you can call (888) 853-1278 or use the online form at ModernVascular.com to request a consultation with a Modern Vascular Patient Advocate.

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