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This brief FAQ is intended to answer several frequent questions we receive from applicants.  Please feel free to make any additional inquiries during the interview process.

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I have not specialized in PAD. How I would learn about complex PAD treatments (pedal loop, digital revascularization, etc.)?

Every doctor employed by Modern Vascular goes through extensive Pedal Loop Revascularization training as part of a 2-4 month clinical mentorship program. You will have an opportunity to work side-by-side with a highly experienced physician and start to take on your own cases with supervision. No doctor is placed as a Managing Physician until that physician completes this training and feels comfortable performing the procedure unsupervised.

Do I have to be on call or work weekends?

No, this is another significant advantage of being a Modern Vascular Managing physician.  Our clinic hours are M-F 8-5:00.  Although there might be an occasional procedure that runs long or evening conference call, our physicians enjoy a very structured and predictable schedule. 

Will I get pressure from “corporate” to perform procedures?

No.  Each physician manages his/her own clinical staff and utilizes their best medical judgment in determining the course of treatment of all patients.  There is a clinical oversight advisory board and regular physician meetings to discuss best practices, protocols and clinical questions, led by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steve Berkowitz.  One of the advantages of becoming a Modern Vascular physician is the clinical support and community of your fellow physicians.  Most find it refreshing and enjoyable to be part of a broader medical team. 

Does Modern Vascular only hire Interventional Radiologists?

No.  One of the things that makes Modern Vascular special is the strength that comes from the diverse clinical training of its physicians.  We hire Interventional Radiologists, Vascular Surgeons, and Interventional Cardiologists. By comparing notes and sharing cases among our doctors, our best practices reflect the best of each specialty.

Do I have to be out there knocking on doors to build the practice?

Modern Vascular has an experienced marketing department of over 25 centralized and local marketing professionals, plus health care ad agencies to support the growth of your clinic.  However, our most successful doctors are also entrepreneurs at heart, and welcome the opportunity to network with other doctors, speak at conferences, publish case studies and spread the word about our innovative practices.  The marketing team does the research and the day-to-day visits and our doctors provide support to add medical credibility to their efforts.  

I have seen bad publicity about Modern Vascular. What is Modern Vascular’s reaction?

Almost all publicity about Modern Vascular is positive, including patient reviews, both collected internally and published by patients on social media (e.g. Google Reviews).  The “bad publicity” about Modern Vascular stems from a single article published online in June of this year.  At best, the article is a misunderstanding of medical best practices and, at worst, outright abuse of the facts.   In reality, Modern Vascular is a disrupter in the medical field and is a leader in our category.   Since endovascular procedures can be done more safely in an outpatient setting, some local vascular surgeons have seen a big hit in both open procedures and amputations.  Their claims of unnecessary treatment or poor medical outcomes are biased and totally unsubstantiated.  

How do I learn more?

Fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you to schedule a short informational phone call or email Ernest Tepman at [email protected].

Modern Vascular CMO Steve Berkowitz
“I am thrilled to lead the Modern Vascular clinical team. The organization is dedicated to saving patients from the unnecessary risk and cost associated with amputations. I have seen the work that is being done in their clinics and am convinced their treatments represent the gold-standard for PAD care.”

— Dr. Steve Berkowitz, MD, FACC

Chief Medical Officer

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