Albert Chun Fairfax Case Study

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Dr. Chun: 51 Year Old Female

This week’s Modern Vascular featured case comes from Dr. Albert Chun, Vascular Interventional Radiologist for Modern Vascular in Fairfax, VA.

Featured Case Overview

51yo female with HTN, DM, PAD, prior right toe amputation with delayed healing of right plantar ulcer. Baseline claudication now with limited mobility due to ulceration. Nonpalpable monphasic DP and PT pulses on exam. Angiogram showed complete occlusion of medial and lateral plantar arteries as well as pedal-plantar arch. Antegrade and retrograde recanalization of medial plantar artery and plantar arch was completed with subsequent angioplasty. Newly palpable DP and biphasic 2+ PT pulses noted at conclusion of exam. Patient returned to clinic 4 weeks later with complete healing of plantar ulcer and had resumed walking.

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Pre and Post Ulcers

Dr. Chun Case Study
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If your patients include senior citizens, those who have a history of diabetes, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, they may be at risk for Peripheral Artery Disease.