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Featured Case
Dr. Sobolvesky: 60 Year Old Male

This week’s Modern Vascular featured case comes from Dr. Sergei A. Sobolevsky, Vascular Interventional Radiologist for Modern Vascular in Denver, CO.

Featured Case Overview

60 year old black male with poorly controlled diabetes status pre left trans-metatarsal amputation 3 years ago. The patient had complaints of severe cramping in his left calf waking him up 3-4 times every night. The pain was alleviated by placing the left foot in dependent position.

Angiography of the left lower extremity demonstrated a complete occlusion of the left anterior tibial artery, the proximal left dorsalis pedis artery, as well as severe stenosis involving the proximal and distal left posterior tibial artery, common plantar artery, lateral plantar artery, and plantar arch.


Modern Vascular in Denver, Colorado - Case Study Images - Dr. Sobolevsky

The procedures performed were re-canalization, angioplasty, stenting of the occluded left anterior tibial artery, as well as atherectomy and angioplasty of the left posterior tibial artery, common plantar artery, and lateral plantar artery. Aangioplasty of the plantar arch was also performed resulting in complete reconstruction of the left pedal loop.

Case Photos

Modern Vascular in Denver, Colorado - Case Study Images - Dr. Sobolevsky
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Post Intervention

Post procedure: the cramping pain in the left calf was completely resolved without residual symptoms.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Sobolevsky, Vascular Interventional Radiologist at Modern Vascular in Denver, Colorado, peripheral artery disease specialist

Dr. Sergei A. Sobolevsky
Vascular Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Sergei A. Sobolevsky serves as the Managing Physician at Modern Vascular of Denver. Dr. Sobolevsky is an endovascular specialist with focus on minimally invasive image guided management of peripheral arterial disease and limb salvage.

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