Dr. Putnam Records Patient Education PSA to Run January 2022 on KJHM-FM in Denver

Dr. Samuel Putnam is the managing physician at Modern Vascular in Denver (Thornton, CO). Dr. Putnam describes Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) as clogging of the arteries with plaque. The plaque buildup reduces blood flow to the arms, legs, and other parts of the body. The clogging of the arteries with plaque can also cause stroke and heart attack. However, Modern Vascular is focused on the disease outside of those areas, mainly down the legs.

People that have PAD could be asymptomatic, but when they do develop symptoms it can start as mild pain, usually in the back of the calf, when walking. It can progress to pain at rest. In the worst cases, they can develop ulcers on their legs, feet, or toes. Modern Vascular is trying to prevent severe pain for people with PAD, as well as amputations.

Listen to Dr. Putnam’s Interview
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