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Houston Peripheral Artery Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

With 7.1 million people in the metro area of Houston, TX, it is the fourth most populous city in the United States. As it continues to grow, so do incidences of peripheral artery disease (PAD), which is common in diabetics, the elderly, smokers, and people who are obese. PAD is the narrowing or blocking of arteries in the legs, causing poor circulation in the legs and feet. Modern Vascular’s clinic in Houston provides top of the line treatment for PAD.

Modern Vascular specializes in PAD treatment and pedal loop reconstruction. Through our specialized training, doctors who are already skilled and knowledgeable about vascular disease become experts on the specific type of procedures performed at Modern Vascular to return blood flow to the feet. Due to Modern Vascular’s specific focus on arteries of the legs and feet, our doctors are highly specialized and are among the few who revascularize arteries below the knee, all the way to the pedal loop.

Expert Vascular & Interventional Radiologist in Houston

Dr. Zagum Bhatti is a board-certified Vascular and Interventional Radiologist. He is an expert in the treatment of arterial and venous disorders and focuses on amputation prevention and improving the quality of life of patients living with PAD. After Modern Vascular’s unique endovascular training program, Dr. Bhatti is positioned to revascularize patients’ legs and feet and prevent amputation.

He brings this much-needed skillset to the Houston metro area, where there are hundreds of thousands with PAD – and many don’t even know it. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, between 20-50% of those with PAD are asymptomatic. A patient may be at risk for PAD if they experience any of the following: diabetes, non-healing wounds or ulcers on foot, history of smoking, hypertension, resting leg/foot pain, one foot colder than the other, neuropathy, high cholesterol, history of heart attack or stent, or age over 65. Those who do experience symptoms may have leg pain or cramps, numbness, tingling, non-healing foot wounds, or skin discoloration.

Early treatment of PAD is key to keeping symptoms at bay and preventing amputation.

Endovascular Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease

After an evaluation and ultrasound, our provider will have an idea of the extent of your PAD, if you do have it. Depending on the severity, Modern Vascular can help return the circulation to your feet. If the level of blockage is minor, you may be started on Modern Vascular’s nurse-managed walking program to strengthen collateral blood vessels. If you have moderate to severe PAD, it is likely that you will be recommended to have an angiogram or arteriogram to fully understand the exact amount of blockage and intervene. Dr. Bhatti will decide the best intervention to perform for your specific anatomy and level of disease. This might be an atherectomy, in which plaque is shaved off the artery wall. It might also include angioplasty, in which a very small balloon is inflated in the narrowest part of the vessel to open it back up. Lastly, a stent may be placed to keep the artery wall from collapsing.

Each of these procedures is minimally invasive, performed through a pinhole incision. You will not need stitches and can return home the same day of the procedure.

Modern Vascular in Houston (Richmond, TX)

Modern Vascular in Houston is located just outside of Houston in the city of Richmond and Dr. Zagum Bhatti is the managing physician. Richmond is approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston. This clinic is currently scheduling new patients.

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