Samuel Putnam Memphis Radio Interview

Putnam Interview with Ms. Eklass on 103.5 WRBO Memphis

Dr. Samuel Putnam spoke with Ms. Eklass on 103.5 WRBO about peripheral artery disease. He describes PAD as a blockage in the arteries similar to the cause of coronary artery disease and carotid artery disease. This is seen in the peripheral arteries, which provide blood from the heart to the arms and the legs. It is more common in the legs and if it is more severe it can lead to total blockages, down to the feet and toes. In the worst cases, it can lead to amputation. 

Early symptoms of PAD include pain while walking. It can progress to pain in the legs and feet at rest. Eventually, it can lead to limited mobility because of the pain. It causes a reduction in activity which can cause the disease to progress further. It is important to identify early and treat as necessary. 

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