Dr. Scott Brannan on KFNX 1100 AM Radio Program “Networking Arizona”

Carol Blonder is the creator and host of Networking Arizona. Networking Arizona is a radio program and YouTube Series that puts the focus on Arizona businesses. KFNX reaches almost 5 million people throughout Arizona and broadcasts the University of Arizona Men’s Football and Basketball Games. “Networking Arizona” has been their drive-time prime time show for more than a decade.

Dr. Scott Brannan is the Chief of Endovascular Surgery at Modern Vascular. He is a Vascular Specialist and second-generation Arizonian. He grew up in Northern Arizona in Cottonwood. He talks about the signs and symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

According to Dr. Brannan, risk factors are the primary things that should be considered. Many times PAD is a silent disease until it gets to a point that it is difficult to treat. Age is the number one risk factor. Anyone who is older than 55 is at an increased risk for developing Peripheral Arterial Disease. That risk increases about every decade after the age of 55. Diabetic patients over 50 should have a vascular evaluation done annually. When a patient is symptomatic it will present as cramping while walking, especially when walking on an incline, or cramping and pain, especially in the legs or feet, while lying down.

There is non-invasive testing done during vascular evaluations. One is the ankle-brachial index (ABI), which is checking and comparing the blood pressure at the toes and ankles against what it is in your arm. Non-invasive ultrasounds are also available to look at the arteries and detect the presence or absence of plaque or narrowing of the artery. Most importantly is a face-to-face discussion with an experienced provider about your risk factors and symptoms. Patients can take control of their own healthcare and call Modern Vascular – (888) 853-1278 – or visit our website. Modern Vascular will call their primary care provider and work with them. The patient can also be recommended through a primary care provider.

Listen to Dr. Brannan’s Interview with Carol Blonder