Dr. Stephen Leschak

Dr. Stephen Leschak Interview with Ms. EKlass of 103.5 WRBO

Ms. EKlass interviews Dr. Stephen Leschak of Modern Vascular Southaven about PAD. Dr. Leschak describes peripheral arterial disease as an arterial disease that exists outside of the heart. The arteries transport blood away from the heart and supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissue.

When those arteries become blocked they reduce the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the limbs – the legs in particular. That causes symptoms like claudication, which is a pain in the legs while walking. Some patients may start to experience pain at rest. If that continues, that can lead to tissue loss, ulceration, and gangrene. The groups that are most at risk for PAD are smokers and diabetics.

Listen to the interview below to learn more about what PAD is, its symptoms, and the groups that are most at risk.

Listen to Dr. Leschak’s Interview with Ms. EKlass