Dr. Juan Carlos Correa

Dr. Juan Carlos Correa, MD

Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Juan Carlos Correa is a board-certified Vascular Surgeon in Overland Park, KS. He has extensive expertise in treating complex arterial disease and is a published author on the topic. Dr. Correa is one of the top board-certified vascular surgeons in the Kansas City region. He is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently. Dr. Correa acts as an expert speaker for multiple companies that help create and support the treatment of peripheral vascular disease.

He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, where he received his medical degree. He has been involved in vascular surgery for over 17 years. Dr. Juan Carlos Correa has a passion for limb salvage through cutting-edge endovascular procedures. 

Managing Physician

Modern Vascular in Kansas City

5320 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66211
(913) 529-8600

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Office Hours: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST

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Dr. Juan Carlos Correa KMJK Kansas City Interview

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June 18, 2022


June 18, 2022 /

June 18, 2022// Dr. Juan Carlos Correa, Managing Physician of Modern Vascular of Kansas City (Overland Park), called in to share a story about a patient who would’ve benefited from an early diagnosis. Instead, she was not only was diagnosed in advanced stages, but even more, her vascular surgeon would only offer her medical therapy, which did nothing to relieve her debilitating pain waking her up at night. 

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October 1, 2021

Dr. Juan Carlos Correa Featured Speaker at Kansas Podiatric Medical Association Fall 2021 Meeting

Kansas City, October 1, 2021 / Dr. Juan Carlos Correa, Board Certified Vascular Surgeon and the Managing Physician for Modern Vascular of Kansas City, was a featured speaker at the KPMA 2021 Fall Meeting. His presentation was entitled "The Future is Here: Below the Ankle Endovascular Interventions."

See the event on the KPMA website

September 15, 2021

Darron Story of 107.5 KMJK-FM Interviews Dr. Juan Carlos Correa About Peripheral Artery Disease

Kansas City, September 15, 2021 / Dr. Juan Carlos Correa joins Darron Story on 107.5 KMJK-FM in Kansas City to discuss peripheral artery disease. In the interview, he talks about symptoms, the groups most at risk, and what can be done if a person believes that they may have peripheral artery disease.

Listen to the radio interview