Geoffrey Potts Patient Story

Patient Stories: “I Would Drive Anywhere To Have Dr. Correa Treat My PAD”

“He asked me what I wanted out of my treatment and then he surpassed it.”

Geoffrey Potts is a retired mason and a patient of Dr. Juan Carlos Correa, Vascular Surgeon and managing physician at Modern Vascular of Kansas City in Overland Park. 

Geoff said he was originally referred to Dr. Correa by his cardiologist, Dr. Tim Blackburn, a referral he said has made all the difference. But his story begins even before that. Geoff had been suffering from leg pain for many years that he assesses came as a result of undiagnosed and thus unmanaged type 2 diabetes.  He said he first heard the term Peripheral Artery Disease in 2014 while he was in his mid-50s. However, it would take several more years of pain before he would cross paths with Dr. Correa.

As Geoff explains his journey, he told us about his neuropathy and severe leg pain that not only kept him from walking for more than a few minutes but also affected his ability to stand or bend over for extended periods of time. Explained Geoff, “I could not even walk short distances without having to think through where would be my next place to stop and rest until the pain stopped.”

Geoff was a little skeptical when he first met Dr. Correa.  After all, he had experienced this pain for a long time and wasn’t sure what could be done. He wanted to keep his expectations realistic.  Five minutes later, Geoff felt at ease. Dr. Correa looked him in the eye and asked him what he wanted out of his treatment. Geoff responded that he wanted to be able to do things he loved like woodworking, hunting, fishing, biking, and walking. Dr. Correa never lost his gaze and said “Then that is what we will work toward.”

Geoff has had two procedures at Modern Vascular in the last year, one on each leg. His last procedure was completed in mid-November 2021. Geoff and his wife, Rhonda, call the results a complete transformation. Now in his mid-60s, Geoff is walking 2-3 miles and biking 20 miles on a regular basis. His improved activity has helped him lose 60 pounds, which is transforming his health and quality of life in other ways. 

Geoff says he is a success story and that he would recommend Dr. Correa to anyone, and he adds that he has. Geoff and his wife live 2 ½ hours from the Overland Park clinic but they say that they would drive anywhere to see Dr. Correa. Geoff summarized his experience by saying “We both consider him a friend. He knows my wife as well as he knows me and asks about her when she is not there. He delivered everything we discussed and more. There is so much I can do now that seemed impossible just a year ago.”

Peripheral Artery Disease can be effectively treated when diagnosed early and properly.

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