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At this time, when the news is dominated by the coronavirus, we want you to know we are vigilantly implementing enhanced protocols to ensure your safety. We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control regarding the spread of the virus. Our focus is to ensure we meet patient needs while doing our part to keep you, our employees, and our communities safe.

Our coronavirus patient protection protocols:

  • We have enhanced the techniques used to clean our facilities after each patient encounter.
  • Our employees are paying special attention to interior customer touch points such as seats, countertops, door handles and other hard surfaces.
  • We are cleaning our facilities frequently with hospital-grade sanitizing products.
  • We have removed all shared contaminants from our patient waiting areas including magazines, brochures, etc.
  • We are employing daily CDC guideline screenings including instructing employees who feel ill to stay home and consult their healthcare providers.
  • We are monitoring temperatures of all office personnel, patients and visitors daily. No one with an elevated temperature will be permitted to come into the office.
  • We are requiring all employees to be vigilant about frequent hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic.
  • We are limiting the office to health care personnel, patients and one patient companion.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently seeing patients at Modern Vascular?

Yes, this office is currently still seeing patients for consultations and procedures.

Are elective procedures permitted at this time?

Depending of the severity of the case, the procedure could be considered necessary or elective but since our procedures are not done in a hospital setting they are not currently being regulated by state and federal policy.

Is it safe to visit your offices?

Yes, we have added new cleaning and disinfecting protocols in all of our offices. We are screening 100% of those who visit our office for coronavirus symptoms including elevated temperatures prior to admitting them. No symptomatic individuals will be permitted to enter the office under any circumstances. Non-essential visitors will also not be admitted to the office. Visit ModernVascular.com for a full list of our coronavirus safety protocols.

Can I bring my family with me to the office?

Each patient is allowed to bring one companion to the office per visit. That companion must be healthy and will be screened at the door consistent with all other patients and staff.

Is it safe to have a procedure done at this time?

Yes. We are doing everything possible to keep our patients safe before, during and after procedures. Our treatments consist of minimally invasive, out-patient procedures. Unlike a hospital setting, no ill patients are treated in our facilities and we follow all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety.

Will I be more susceptible to the corona virus if I have a procedure done?

No, see above.

Is it possible to be seen remotely?

In the case that you are not comfortable leaving your home, we can connect with you via telehealth methods. If you have a smart phone, tablet, or any video and audio device, we can send you a videoconference link via email to connect with our provider. The provider will be able to video chat with you confidentially and answer any and all questions regarding your condition and determine whether symptoms of PAD exist.

Can I speak to a doctor now?

Our doctor is happy to speak to you via phone about any questions or concerns. If the doctor is not available at the time of your call, you can leave a phone number for call back and he will reach out to you as soon as he is available.

I am concerned about money right now. How much will this cost?

Our consultations and treatments are covered by most insurances including Medicare. If you let us know your insurance information we will confirm your coverage and walk you through what expenses you can expect. We will work with you regarding out-of-pocket expenses, if there are any, and can offer flexible payment options if necessary.

Find out if you're at risk for Peripheral Artery Disease.

If left untreated, PAD could result in amputation, stroke and even death.

Dr. Stephen Leschak
Interventional Radiologist
Winner - Best Peripheral Artery Treatment Specialist 2020

You could be at risk for (or already have) Peripheral Artery Disease.

PAD affects 1 in 20 adults over age 50. That rises to 1 in 5 for people over age 65. But age isn’t the only factor that can increase your risk for this silent and potentially limb- and life-threatening disease. In fact, you may already have symptoms of PAD and not know it.

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Risk Factors

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Personal history of smoking
  • Family history of PAD or cardiovascular disease
  • Physical inactivity
  • African Americans and Native Americans at higher risk

Signs & Symptoms

  • Leg fatigue while walking
  • Mild to severe leg pain, especially after walking
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Leg cramping at night
  • Lower-extremity sores that don’t heal
  • Changes in the appearance of your legs
Many times, the symptoms of PAD are mistaken for symptoms of other conditions, even by doctors. For this reason, and because of the serious consequences of PAD, it’s critically important to either rule it out or detect and treat it.
Get Screened.

Do you have Pad?

Peripheral Artery Disease, the narrowing of peripheral arteries due to plaque buildup, is a significant health risk that often goes undetected, undiagnosed and untreated. Worse, its consequences include functional impairment, nerve damage, non-healing wounds, disability and limb amputation.

PAD is detectable and treatable…if you get screened in time.

PAD is associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular death. Screening can also lead to diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease that could save your life.

Dr. Leschak in Modern Vascular in Southaven, Peripheral artery disease specialists and interventional radiology
Dr. Stephen Leschak
Vascular Interventional Radiologist
Gerente Médico

Get the most advanced treatment from industry-leading experts.

Today, treating PAD is more advanced and less invasive than ever, thanks to the latest modern capabilities. At Modern Vascular, these state-of-the-art methods are our focus…and the commitment behind our name.

Our doctors—fellowship-trained, board-certified vascular interventionists—use minimally invasive endovascular (“within the blood vessel”) procedures to increase blood flow to vital tissues. One of only a handful of U.S. practices with the skill and capabilities to open small blocked arteries (such as in the foot, ankle and toes), our doctors each have more than 20 years’ experience and are dedicated to saving limbs and lives.

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