Yury Gampel of Modern Vascular

Sustainable Growth Requires Continual Improvement

Managing and growing an 18-30 clinic model is different than managing a 4-8 clinic model. While we are ecstatic about where we are as a company in terms of growth, it has not come without growing pains. That being said, we are committed to two things above all else.

  • Patient outcomes
  • Patient care and satisfaction

Staying true to our patient-centric values while we grow takes not only leadership but also a willingness to evolve. Much of our growing pains have centered on creating company-wide best practices to make sure every patient is receiving the same quality of care and regular follow-ups. To support these goals, we have rolled out diagnostic algorithms, are refining and improving our medical management programs, communications and follow-ups for patients not requiring procedures and are reaching out to patients in real time for feedback. We are also making staffing upgrades to support these new programs.

We want your feedback too. As valued partners, we need to know when we can do better. Better communication with you, better coordination of care, better clinical and support staffing. Please let us know quickly if there is something you would like to see improved. We will make it our priority.

The future at Modern Vascular is bright. At the end of 2021, we will have 18 operating clinics nationwide. We are opening our first wound care clinic in Southaven, MS this month with more in the works. We are exploring new synergistic procedures including GAEs, UFEs and others. We are excited about what we have accomplished so far and look ahead to more big announcements in 2022. We are glad you have joined us for the ride.

Yury Gampel, CEO

Dr. Berkowitz, Modern Vascular Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Berkowitz, MD, FACC

Chief Medical Officer

Modern Vascular Hires New Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steve Berkowitz, MD FACC

Dr. Steve Berkowitz, a nationally recognized healthcare leader with over 25 years of experience in senior management, protocol standardization, and clinical oversight is the new Chief Medical Officer of Modern Vascular. He comes to Modern Vascular from Banner Health in Phoenix, Arizona, where he served as the organization’s Medical Director of Specialty Performance Improvement. Prior to that position, he was the Chief Physician Executive and medical group president for Northern Light Health, a nine-hospital system in Maine. He’s also held the title of Chief Medical Officer at St. David’s Healthcare, a six-hospital system in Austin, Texas and at the Central and West Texas Division of HCA, which was awarded the Texas Award for Performance Excellence and the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award.

Read about Modern Vascular’s New CMO on Yahoo Finance

Modern Vascular Celebrates Continued Growth

Modern Vascular’s footprint continuous to expand this quarter with the opening of the 14th clinic and the first Wound Care clinic.

Modern Vascular staff celebrating opening of Indianapolis clinic 

Modern Vascular celebrates opening 14th clinic:
Modern Vascular of Indianapolis

Next up: Kansas City and St. Louis

Opening Marked by Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Modern Vascular’s clinic in Indianapolis is led by Dr. Mark S. Borenstein, a Vascular and Interventional Radiologist with 25 years of experience. During that time, he has focused on PAD procedures and has vast experience in Interventional Radiology, having performed over 50,000 IR procedures.

My passion has always been saving the limbs of those suffering from PAD, and I am tremendously proud to share this specialization with Modern Vascular and bring these much-needed treatments to Indianapolis,” Borenstein said in a news release. “Another important emphasis at Modern Vascular is the focus on training; our staff undergoes months–not weeks–of training in our minimally-invasive outpatient treatments for PAD.”

Also leading the team for Modern Vascular of Indianapolis is the Clinical Director Tim Bledsoe, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Liaison Cara Brock.

Modern Vascular Southaven Wound Care Team 

Modern Vascular expands into Wound Care with its first clinic:
Modern Vascular of Southaven

Opened June 7, 2021

Opening of Modern Vascular’s First Wound Care Clinic

Leading Modern Vascular Wound Care in Southaven is Jessica Brown FNP-C, CWCN. Brown brings over 15 years of nursing experience and certification in wound care. Jessica’s experience also includes the treatment of patients with ostomies (peristomal wounds) and those with compromised skin integrity related to incontinence, as well as educating frontline teams on wound treatment and identification of patients at risk.

Modern Vascular Wound Care is non-competing with our referring doctors and we focus on always returning patients back to their doctors who offer wound care for those treatment.

June is Wound Healing Awareness Month; begun by the American Board of Wound Management Foundation, and is meant to recognize the challenges of chronic wounds for individuals and to raise awareness of the support given by certified wound specialists.

Case Study: Dr. Albert Chun, Managing Physician Modern Vascular of Fairfax

65-year-old male with DM, HTN, CAD, and prior toe amputations presented with worsening R plantar ulcer over 3 months (image A). On exam, the right foot was cool to touch with monophasic doppler DP signal. The PT was absent. Arterial doppler showed patent femoropopliteal segment, elevated PSV in the AT, and densely calcified occlusion of the PT.

Right lower extremity angiogram was performed which confirmed chronic total occlusion of the distal PT as well as the lateral plantar artery (image B). Antegrade recanalization of the PT was successful, but the lateral plantar artery (angiosome of concern) could not be recanalized. The wire was parked in the medial plantar artery and a second wire was advanced retrograde through the occluded lateral plantar artery via the DP and arcuate artery (image C). The second wire was then captured with a snare at the femoral sheath.

Intraluminal position was confirmed with intravascular ultrasound. Atherectomy (Rotablator 1.75) with angioplasty was performed in the distal PT (image D). Prolonged angioplasty was performed in the lateral plantar artery and pedal arch (image E). Final angiogram showed in-line antegrade flow through the PT, lateral plantar, and arcuate arteries (images F,G).

The patient returned to clinic for 2 week post-operative visit and had doppler PT and DP signal in the right foot with interval progression of wound healing. At three month follow up the patient had near complete wound healing (image H) and had resumed walking.


Plantar Before 

A. Plantar Before

Pedal Baseline 

B. Pedal Baseline

Angioplasty Intervention Image 

C. Intervention

Second Intervention Image 

D. Intervention

Final Foot Image 

E. Intervention

Post Intervention 

F. Post Intervention

Plantar After 

G. Plantar After



Read the Full Case Study

Modern Vascular Recognized as Thought Leaders in Vascular Health

Doctor Albert Chun NPR Interview 

Dr. Albert Chun on NPR

Dr. Albert Chun, Managing Physician for Modern Vascular of Fairfax, VA was recently featured on “Let’s Talk DC” and “Cool Science” for NPR’s KPCW.

Listen To The Discussion

Scott Brannan at NCVH Conference in New Orleans in 2021 

Dr. Scott Brannan at NCVH

Dr. Scott Brannan, Modern Vascular’s Chief of Endovascular Surgery and Managing Physician of Modern Vascular of North Mesa, AZ, center stage at the 2021 NCVH (New Cardiovascular Horizons) Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Dr. Brannan discussed “Direct SFA Puncture to Facilitate Pedal Loop Reconstruction Closure by the Celt Device.”

Dr. Dallas Broadway Featured Speaker at SIR2021

Dr. Dallas Broadway, managing physician at Modern Vascular San Antonio (Huebner Rd.) was a featured speaker at The Society of Interventional Radiology’s SIR2021, speaking on the topic of Peripheral Arterial Interventions.

Valley of the Sun Conference 

Modern Vascular Back to the Conference Circuit

Starting with the Podiatry Institute’s Valley of the Sun Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

ACFAS 2021 Scientific Conference 

Modern Vascular Continues to Make New Connections

Attending American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons’ ACFAS 2021 Scientific Conference in Las Vegas, NV

Modern Vascular Launches New Service Lines

Genicular Artery Embolization 

Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE)

Genicular artery embolization is a safe, effective and minimally-invasive procedure to reduce knee pain for patients with osteoarthritis.

Visit the GAE Page

Offered at the following clinics: Houston, Fairfax, Tucson

Uterine Fibroid Embolization 

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)

UFE is a minimally invasive alternative to a hysterectomy or myomectomy. The procedure treats existing fibroids and prevents new fibroid growth, while preserving the uterus.

Visit the UFE Page

Offered at the following clinics: Houston, Fairfax, Denver, Tucson

Modern Vascular Welcomes Newest Additions to the Team

Carl Scotten Sales & Strategic Alliances 

Carl Scotten

VP of Sales and Strategic Alliances

David Young, PA 

David Young, PA

Traveling PA

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