If you’ve been dealing with discomfort and pain in your back, legs, feet or toes, Modern Vascular offers the pain management services you need to find relief and improve your quality of life. 

Pain Management Plans That Work for You 

Whether you are experiencing pain from an injury or as a result of a chronic health condition or disease, a comprehensive pain management plan can benefit you.

Specifically, anything from osteoporosis to cancer treatments can cause the spinal bones to weaken. When these bones are weak, there’s an increased chance of fracturing the spine — even while performing low-impact movements like bending over or rolling in bed. These compression fractures cause a hunched posture and pain. 

Manage Your Pain at Modern Vascular 

At Modern Vascular, we have a team of vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists and interventional radiologists who are committed to helping patients access the right minimally invasive outpatient procedures and pain management they need. We specialize in treatments for conditions involving the spine, back, neck, joints and nerves. 

Our pain management services include: 


Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure intended to stabilize bones, offering relief from chronic back pain. This procedure, which is also called vertebral augmentation, is especially beneficial for individuals dealing with vertebral compression fractures from degenerative or metabolic diseases.

To perform the procedure, your medical professional will make a small incision in your back where the spinal fracture is located, then guide a narrow tube into your spine. Through this tube, your medical professional will then insert and inflate a specialized balloon to return bones to their optimal spacing. 

Once the bones are in place, the balloon is deflated so medical-grade cement can be injected into the gap, fusing the vertebrae and stabilizing the area. 


Vertebroplasty is a special procedure that can help medical professionals repair crushed bone or fractured vertebra. During vertebroplasty, one of our medical professionals will use a continuous X-ray to guide and place a small needle into the affected bone. 

Once the needle is in place, we’ll inject bone cement to repair any crushed bone, relieving pain. Depending on the amount of discomfort anticipated based on the location, your medical professional may use just a local anesthetic or general anesthesia.

Why Choose Modern Vascular?

Here at Modern Vascular, our skilled physicians are committed to delivering specialized care that prevents the need for surgery or amputation. Most of our pain management procedures are outpatient, allowing you to return to your home and daily routine soon after. 

Whether you are experiencing pain now or have risk factors like osteoporosis that make you more likely to develop a compression fracture in the future, our multispecialty team will work with you to provide the highest-quality care. We focus on delivering individualized care so you receive the best treatment option based on your unique needs. 

Schedule an Appointment With Our Lower Extremity Arterial Specialists Today 

For minimally invasive endovascular treatment and procedures, turn to Modern Vascular. With our focused specialization, the support of our caring staff and various pain management services, we’ll do what it takes to provide lasting relief from your symptoms. 

Have any questions or ready to find relief from your pain? Contact us today to get started. 

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