LaBerge Patient Story

Patient Stories: “I Thought I Was Experiencing Knee Pain”

A patient describes how a routine discussion about knee pain with his Primary Care Physician helped diagnose his Peripheral Artery Disease.

David LaBerge is a retired real estate appraiser for the County Tax office from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  At age 69, David first learned about peripheral artery disease (PAD) from his primary care physician during a regular 6-month check-up.  David had been experiencing what he thought was knee pain, but knowing that David was pre-diabetic, his PCP thought differently and sent him to a local vein specialist for a complete examination.  The vein specialist identified David’s pain as arterial insufficiency and referred David to Modern Vascular for treatment.

Modern Vascular got David in right away and David noted how immediately impressed he was with the clinic’s staff.  “Everyone was cordial, professional, and friendly,” noted David. “They were patient and explained my treatment options to me in a language I could understand.” 

On the day of David’s procedure, he first had an opportunity to meet directly with Dr. Hootman who answered all of his questions.  “The next thing I knew I was done.  I was waking up in the recovery room and soon I was on my way home.”  David was told after the procedure that Dr. Hootman had put in a stent that would help keep his arteries open. 

David said the recovery was quick and easy.  “Almost immediately, my leg pain stopped,”  David reported staying quiet for a couple of days after the procedure, but by day 3 he was out shopping, walking, exercising, and doing yard work.  A month later, David returned to Modern Vascular to have his second leg revascularized as well. 

A year later, David has been back to Modern Vascular several times for follow-up appointments and reports that he has not had any leg pain since the procedures and that his activity level remains high.  When asked about the biggest life improvement, David laughed and reported. “I can sleep. The pain in my legs had been waking me up at night.  I was really surprised by how much my sleeping improved after my visits to Modern Vascular.  I really feel more rested, and that helps to keep me active.”

David needs that energy to keep up with his two sons and two grandchildren who live locally.  He likes to dabble as an amateur auto-mechanic and enjoys doing woodwork in the garage.  He is grateful for the PCP who first realized his knee pain was a circulatory issue and set him on the path that ultimately landed him at Modern Vascular.

Peripheral Artery Disease can be effectively treated when diagnosed early and properly.

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