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Patient Stories: Keeping Veterans on Their Feet

Written By Kirstin Rizk

Seventy-year-old U.S. Army Veteran and former police officer, Paul Kaminski, was still mourning the loss of his wife of nearly 50 years when he started having pain while walking. He’d have to pause at his mailbox to let his calf muscles recover before heading back inside. He had given up golf. When his daughter would invite him to his granddaughter’s swim meets or theatre performances, the first thing he would have to ask was, “How far is it from where I can park?”

Once his pain began interfering in his ability to be present for his granddaughter’s big moments, he decided that he would not be passive while pain limited his life. He visited his primary care doctor at the Veteran Affairs office, and she told him that he likely had peripheral artery disease (PAD) and recommended that he start a walking routine to strengthen his collateral blood vessels. While exercise can be an effective treatment for PAD, Paul’s PAD was past that point. He could hardly walk to the mailbox without severe pain and cramping – walking to force blood through weak collaterals was definitely out of the question.

“I couldn’t make my doctor understand, that’s how bad my pain was,” Paul explained, “it was very limiting.”

After seeing an advertisement for Modern Vascular’s endovascular specialists performing limb-saving procedures with cutting-edge technology, Paul knew this might be his chance to get his PAD treated and relieve his pain.

“Going to Modern Vascular was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life,” Paul said.

The team at Modern Vascular in Houston confirmed the diagnosis of PAD and performed an angiogram where they discovered the arteries of both legs were almost completely blocked. They immediately took action, clearing the arteries of his legs and placing stents to keep them open.

Paul felt nothing during his procedure and felt supported the entire time he was in the clinic. “The people there, the staff, the doctor, they are all just wonderful people to talk to, very informative, very enlightening,” he said. “And, you know, I am back swinging a golf club a day or two after the revascularization.”

Paul talked about the difficulty of losing his beloved wife of nearly 50 years and then encountering this new pain while walking shortly after. He continued, “And then to have people like the people at Modern Vascular take on another part of life which was not good and to have an organization like this do what they did is just a fairytale… They basically are honoring our veterans in that manner… I mean, brings tears to an old man’s eyes.

Thanks to Modern Vascular of Houston, Paul is once more playing golf, hunting, fishing, and most importantly, attending all of his granddaughter’s events without being limited by PAD.

“It was almost like a rebirth,” Paul said. “I mean, I was so totally limited two days prior, and now I can do anything I want to do.”

To learn more about the non-invasive vascular solutions that Modern Vascular offers or to find answers to your PAD-related problems, you can call (888) 853-1278 or use the online form at to request a consultation with a Modern Vascular Patient Advocate.

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