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Dr. Steve Berkowitz Modern Vascular CMO

Dr. Steven Berkowitz,

Modern Vascular CMO

"Serving a mission as great as eliminating amputations requires an ongoing commitment and real investment — in technology, in people and in access to care.

During PAD Awareness Month (September), we at Modern Vascular turn our focus to the challenge of access and commit fully to educating the population; including patients, referring doctors, and the media; on the diagnosis and treatment options for PAD.

We hope we can count on your support to spread the news."

Who We Are

Modern Vascular began in 2017 to give patients with Peripheral Artery Disease an alternative to hospital stays, open surgery and amputation. Modern Vascular's team of Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, and Interventional Cardiologists uses minimally-invasive Interventional Radiology to provide outpatient revascularization to the lower leg, foot and toe.

Our complication rates are significantly lower than traditional vascular surgery and we have saved thousands of patients from unnecessary amputations. Over 90% of amputations from peripheral artery disease can be avoided.

Our Mission

To eradicate lower leg and foot amputation in the general public and specifically among the poor and underserved.

Our Core Values

To return patients to their homes and families, the same day and in better health, through cutting-edge, innovative, and minimally-invasive vascular procedures.

Awards, Partnerships & Recognition

Modern Vasular is proud to recognized as a national leader of minimally-invasive treatment for peripheral artery disease. We are happy to share our awards, partnerships, and recognition to celebrate our success and motivate us to always be our best.

GHP Award
Good Housekeeping
Way to My Heart
Boston Scientific

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