Meet Dr. Marc L. Eckhauser

Prominent Arizona Vascular Surgeon Joins Modern Vascular in East Mesa

Dr. Marc Ekhauser explains why after 22 years of endovascular surgery in the Phoenix area, he decided to become a Modern Vascular Managing Physician.

Interviewer:  Dr. Eckhauser, tell me a little about your background.

Dr. E:  I started my career and practiced as a Vascular Surgeon in Ohio for many years, serving on the faculty of Case Western Reserve, teaching General Vascular Surgery.  I was doing open surgeries at that time and traveling the country speaking and doing presentations for other doctors.  In 1995, I spent some time at the Arizona Heart Institute and started to see that the standard of treatment for vascular disease was changing.  I realized that endovascular procedures were the future.  I wanted to be ahead of the curve and so I made the shift and started to develop an endovascular practice in Ohio.  In 2002, I moved to the Phoenix area and spent some time with Advanced Cardiac Specialists and Arizona Vein and Vascular where I enjoyed very successful practices as an endovascular specialist.

Interviewer: So after 20 years of a successful endovascular practice in the Phoenix area, why did you choose to start a new practice with Modern Vascular?

Dr. E:  Modern Vascular started to show up on my radar around 2019, they reached out to me about a potential opportunity to lead a clinic.  I did a little research but ultimately stayed put, just in time for the pandemic.  But 2 years later I was still interested, and so this time I reached out to Dr. Scott Brannan at the Mesa clinic who invited me to join him for a procedure.  Scott and I immediately hit it off and I once again found myself seeing an opportunity to be ahead of the curve.  Modern Vascular was performing pedal loop revascularizations on almost every patient.  This was something, I wasn’t seeing in other practices, but I understood the value of the treatment.  I knew that to deal with wounds and lifestyle-limiting pain due to poor arterial blood flow, the treatment had to deal with the small vessels in the foot.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to learn and master a new and better way of treating Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

Interviewer:  Did you meet with Modern Vascular’s CEO Yury Gampel, prior to joining?

Dr. E:  Absolutely.  An interview with Yury was an important part of the process for me.  When I met him, he immediately turned the tables and told me to interview him, which I loved.   I was particularly impressed with his honest and transparent answers, as well as his unconditional support for my clinical decision-making authority, his passion for limb preservation, and his commitment to providing the highest quality equipment and technology.  I was sold.

Interviewer: And now 3 months in, what has surprised you the most?

Dr. E:  I wouldn’t say I was surprised, but I have been really pleased with the quality of staff that I work with in the clinic.  I would also say the level of clinical and technical expertise is as high as I have seen.  We are a very patient-centric office.  I personally spend time with every patient.  I put a high priority on building rapport and making sure each patient is well educated about their condition and treatment options.  I have really enjoyed my time at Modern Vascular so far.  My kids say it’s the happiest they have seen me in a long time.

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