Why Modern Vascular?

Modern Vascular specializes in the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD) . PAD can results in debilitating pain or wounds that won't heal, which can lead to amputation if left untreated. Modern Vascular offers minimally invasive care for PAD in an outpatient setting. After the procedures patients typically spend around an hour recovering in our facility before they are able to go home. Our patients are happy because their pain is reduced or eliminated, their wounds are able to heal, and they are able to do things that they had avoided because of the limitations caused by their PAD.

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Modern Vascular Clinical Introduction

When to Call Modern Vascular

Complex Below-the-Knee Revascularization

What You Need to Know about Peripheral Artery Disease

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Dr. Zagum Bhatti Featured Case 58 yo Female

Dr. Bhatti: 58 Year Old Female

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Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Lawrence Lloyd Portrait

Dr. Lawrence Lloyd, DPM
Fishers, IN

“We are so excited about having Dr. Borenstein and Modern Vascular in the Indianapolis market. For many years, we only treated peripheral vascular disease after a patient developed a non-healing ulcer. We did the same thing with heart disease many years ago. We began treatment AFTER the heart attack. Now, we have the ability to open blood flow to the lower extremity before the patient has a "heart attack-like event" in their feet. Just as heart stents have improved the quality of life and reduced angina pain, with improved blood flow, Modern Vascular has techniques that will reduce leg pain and improve the quality of life, BEFORE there is critical tissue damage. More feet and legs saved!”
Dr. Cameron Phipps Portrait

Dr. Cameron Phipps
Fairfax, VA

“As a provider I use Modern Vascular for all my complex cases. The results have been outstanding! Not only that, I have had many patients come back to me raving about what a good experience they had with the Modern Vascular staff and physicians. They have helped to salvage many cases of potential amputations and I will continue to refer patients there as I trust Dr. Chun and his staff.”
Dr. Carrie Hess Portrait

Dr. Carrie Hess
Tuscon, AZ

“I refer my patients to Modern Vascular and have been very impressed with the prompt and thorough evaluation and care they have received. I am thankful to have a facility like Modern Vascular in town with doctors that care about the feet of patients as much as I do.”
Dr. Vijayveer Portrait

Dr. Vijayveer Pamar
San Antonio TX

“The staff is friendly and professional. Perhaps the only vascular clinic in town which is opening up smaller vessels in the feet. There is hardly any wait time. Overall excellent service.”

Frequently asked questions from our referring doctors.

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How does Modern Vascular differentiate from other vascular and arterial clinics in the area?

Many physicians are able to evaluate peripheral artery disease (PAD), however not all physicians are able to offer advanced PAD treatment options. Modern Vascular specializes only in PAD of the lower leg including revascularization of the pedal loop, and by doing so can provide that most aggressive, state of the art diagnosis and treatment options available in the industry.

Modern Vascular is happy to provide a 2nd opinion to ensure that patients and providers can make the best decision about their pathway of vascular care.

Will Modern Vascular perform procedures that I would perform in my office?

Procedure performed at MV include non invasive ultrasound testing and endovascular treatment options. Our ultrasound tests are administered by registered vascular sonographers trained exclusively for PAD in the lower extremities. Endovascular treatment options including percutaneous transluminal angioplasty - PTA (balloon angioplasty), atherectomy and endovascular stenting.

How does Modern Vascular complement my patient care?

Endovascular techniques and treatment options like angioplasty, stenting, and atherectomy has led to revascularization of a wider range of patients to relieve intermittent claudication or critical limb ischemia in patients with lower-extremity peripheral artery disease is now firmly established as an alternative to surgical revascularization. Increase blood flow restoration can aid in wound healing treatment plans and relieve pain associated with some types of neuropathy of the foot.

What insurance plans do your accept?

Modern Vascular offices participate in most major insurance plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana, and State Medicare/Medicaid. Regional plans vary from state to state. While Modern Vascular is in network with many insurance plans there are some that are in process and/or pending. Modern Vascular staff will work to obtain authorization for PCP approval and will fight for coverage if we are not in network with the patient’s insurance provider. Modern Vascular providers will also participate in peer-to-peer conversation as our insurance specialists will work to obtain authorization.

Modern Vascular has great relationships with many insurers and can often gain out of network approval if allowed to work on the patient’s behalf due to the complexity of our treatments we offer.

Does Modern Vascular require overnight patient stays?

Modern Vascular is an outpatient lab in which all patients have their procedures preformed in an office setting and then are discharged to their homes usually 2-3 hours after their procedures.

Do you provide transportation assistance?

In some cases, established patients with Modern Vascular are able to obtain assistance with transportation needs. Often, patients insurance plans also provide transportation options for appointments. Modern Vascular staff will work with patients and their families to provide local resource information to ensure patients are able to get to their appointments and return home.

What do you consider a long term successful patient outcome?

Answer coming soon.

How do you determine if a patient needs a procedure?

Decisions about whether to revascularize and how to revascularize patients with PAD depend on a number of factors, including patient-specific characteristics, anatomic location, severity of symptoms, need for possible repeat revascularization in the future, and patient and physician preferences. Every MV patient is assessed for PAD through physical exam and patient history review. Non-invasive ultrasound testing/dopplers are obtained when indicated and based on these findings a patient would then be scheduled for procedure if appropriate.

What percentage of referrals have the procedure?

The number of referrals that have the procedure ranges from 40% - 60% of total patients seen per month.

How will I be updated on my patients outcomes or complications?

Upon receipt of referral a notification will be faxed to your office and the MV staff will begin insurance verification and patient scheduling practices. Once the patient is scheduled, you will receive another notification of the date of the appointment date and time. Consultation notes will be sent after the patient is seen by our provider with the findings and plan of treatment. After the procedure you will receive notification of the treatment preformed and post procedure outcomes.

Can I meet your doctor and observe a procedure?

Modern Vascular physicians and staff members welcome you to observe our clinic and procedure process. The clinical team would be happy to schedule a time for you to come into our facilities.

How do I get started referring to Modern Vascular?

The Modern Vascular staff will need a referral indicating that there is a need for PAD evaluation, as well as last office notes, patient insurance information and patient demographics.

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