We Will Be in Touch Soon!

Thank you for your interest in referring patients to Modern Vascular. If you have any urgent questions that you need to be answered please speak to a patient advocate at (888) 853-1278 between 6am – 7pm PST.

Modern Vascular specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery disease. Peripheral artery disease, also commonly referred to as PAD, is caused by the hardening of the arteries that deliver blood to the extremities – most commonly the legs. Early intervention is very important in preventing the disease from progressing to the point where patients have difficulty walking or infections from chronic wounds make amputation necessary.

We encourage you to take a look around our website to find more resources that can help you better understand PAD. Modern Vascular also provides services for other conditions as well. There is a genicular artery embolization (GAE) for knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, there are treatment options for venous insufficiency, and there is a uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) for women that have fibroids. Please feel free to inquire about these services when we get in touch.

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