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We want to make sure you are comfortable during your visit, so we have created some videos that go over what you can expect when you visit a Modern Vascular facility.

PAD requires immediate medical attention Video Category
If your consultation indicates out-patient treatment is needed, here [...]
Why it’s Important to follow up with your doctor regularly – Dr. Broadway
Video Category
Do you know why it is important to follow up with your doctor [...]
What to expect at your procedure with Modern Vascular – Dr. Martinez Video Category
Dr. Jeff Martinez, Vascular Surgeon and Managing Physician at Modern [...]
What to expect at your Modern Vascular consultation Video Category
Dr. Stephen Leschak, Managing Physician at Modern Vascular in [...]
Early PAD screening could help avoid riskier visit to ER Video Category
Early Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Screening could help avoid a [...]