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Take a look at the videos for our referring doctors. Modern Vascular peripheral artery disease referring doctor videos.

Modern Vascular Clinical Introduction
Video Category
Diabetes can lead to neuropathy and below the knee amputation. The [...]
Modern Vascular Complex Below The Knee Revascularization
Video Category
Left untreated, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) can result in the [...]
What you need to know about Peripheral Artery Disease
Video Category
What is PAD – Peripheral Artery Disease? Peripheral Artery Disease is [...]
What We Do Here at Modern Vascular – Dr. Sobolevsky
Video Category
What we do at Modern Vascular Doctor Sergei Sobolevsky, the managing [...]
Are CAD & PAD Correlated? Video Category
Dr. Jack Hannallah, managing physician for Modern Vascular in Tucson, [...]