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Modern Vascular informational videos from the doctors located at the Southaven, Mississippi peripheral artery disease treatment clinic. Dr. Stephen Leschak is a Vascular Interventional Radiologist at Modern Vascular Southaven.

What we do at Modern Vascular – Dr. Leschak Video Category
Dr. Leschak is the managing physician in Modern Vascular in Southaven, [...]
What to Expect the Day of Your Procedure – Dr. Leschak Video Category
Patients are seen in a direct consultation before the day of their [...]
Diabetes PAD Patient Conference Fireside Keynote Chat Modern Vascular Video Category
The Truth About Neuropathy: It Could Be Blocked Arteries | Modern Vascular
Modern Vascular of Southaven Testimonial Video Category
Jerry talks about how it was a blessing to visit Modern Vascular in [...]
Patient Testimonial for Modern Vascular in Southaven Video Category
Tracey, who visited Modern Vascular in Southaven, MS, shares her [...]
What to Expect at your Modern Vascular Consultation Video Category
Dr. Stephen Leschak, Managing Physician at Modern Vascular in [...]