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Video testimonials from satisfied patients and their loved ones. It's no secret that our patients are happy with the work that we do. We have excellent ratings and review on Google and Facebook. Many of our patients have great things to say about us, and that is apparent in these video testimonials.

Modern Vascular Procedures Change Lives – Dr. Broadway
Video Category
Dr. Broadway explains how there was a veteran that came to him who [...]
Modern Vascular Denver Patient Testimonial
Video Category
Patricia is a patient of Dr. Sobolevsky managing physician at Modern [...]
Patient Testimonial: Kenneth’s Experience with Modern Vascular in San Antonio Video Category
Kenneth shares how is able to walk now without having to rest [...]
Modern Vascular in Denver – Patient Testimonial Video Category
Carol had nothing but great things to say about her experience taking [...]
Patient Testimonial at Modern Vascular Video Category
Mr. Ruiz had bad circulation due to plaque build-up in his left leg. [...]
Modern Vascular of Denver Patient Testimonial Video Category
Daniel Pena came to Modern Vascular in Denver, CO for a procedure and [...]
Modern Vascular of Southaven Testimonial Video Category
Jerry talks about how it was a blessing to visit Modern Vascular in [...]
Video Testimonial for Modern Vascular in Fort Worth, Texas Video Category
A patient with Peripheral Artery Disease says that he's looking [...]
Listen to this patient of Modern Vascular in Denver singing Modern Vascular praises. Video Category
This patient saw Dr. Sobolevsky and his team at Modern Vascular in [...]
Patient Testimonial for Modern Vascular in Southaven Video Category
Tracey, who visited Modern Vascular in Southaven, MS, shares her [...]