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Modern Vascular Procedures Change Lives – Dr. Broadway
Video Category
Dr. Broadway explains how there was a veteran that came to him who [...]
Modern Vascular Denver Patient Testimonial
Video Category
Patricia is a patient of Dr. Sobolevsky managing physician at Modern [...]
Patient Testimonial: Kenneth’s Experience with Modern Vascular in San Antonio Video Category
Kenneth shares how is able to walk now without having to rest [...]
Modern Vascular in Denver – Patient Testimonial Video Category
Carol had nothing but great things to say about her experience taking [...]
Patient Testimonial at Modern Vascular Video Category
Mr. Ruiz had bad circulation due to plaque build-up in his left leg. [...]
Modern Vascular of Denver Patient Testimonial Video Category
Daniel Pena came to Modern Vascular in Denver, CO for a procedure and [...]
Modern Vascular of Southaven Testimonial Video Category
Jerry talks about how it was a blessing to visit Modern Vascular in [...]
Video Testimonial for Modern Vascular in Fort Worth, Texas Video Category
A patient with Peripheral Artery Disease says that he's looking [...]
Listen to this patient of Modern Vascular in Denver singing Modern Vascular praises. Video Category
This patient saw Dr. Sobolevsky and his team at Modern Vascular in [...]
Patient Testimonial for Modern Vascular in Southaven Video Category
Tracey, who visited Modern Vascular in Southaven, MS, shares her [...]