Welcome to the Peripheral Artery Disease Video Archive. These are all of the videos from Modern Vascular that have been tagged with the term "peripheral artery disease". PAD is a potentially life-threatening circulatory conditions where blood flow is reduced to the limbs because of narrowing of the arteries.

A commonly performed procedure in patients with PAD is major nontraumatic amputation of the lower extremity. Of the ~3 million Medicare beneficiaries that had PAD and were hospitalized for it between 2000 and 2008, 6.8% underwent major lower extremity amputation during a study published in the American Hearth Journal in May 2013.

Risk Factors for PAD

According the the CDC, risk factors for PAD include: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased age, and smoking. African Americans are at increased risk of developing PAD. Around 6.5 million people that are 40 or older in the US have peripheral arterial disease.